OPI James Bond Collection

While in China I went to a lot of markets and there were numerous stalls selling what they claimed were authentic OPI polishes but it didn’t take much investigation to figure out they weren’t real. They only had a few different labels and most of the fakes were labelled OPI Top Coat but were in a variety of colours including some crazy neons. If you look carefully though you can find the real stuff 🙂  So I picked up 3 polishes from the James Bond collection that came out for holiday 2012. The three I got were Live and Let Die, Tomorrow Never Dies and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Live and Let Die is a gorgeous dark green with a bit of golden sparkle.


green james bond

Tomorrow Never Dies is a violet blue that is just so vivid and metallic.


purple james bond

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is a sparkly steel blue with a gold and violet sparkle.

grey james bond

I have wanted these for so long and so glad I finally have them.  Both On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Tomorrow Never Dies are very sheer on the first coat and while Live and Let Die is more opaque but still needs at least 2 coats while the other two could use a minimum of 3 coats. Sorry if these photos are bad, I don’t have a lighting set-up and so it has taken me too long to take these shots.


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